OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL :  The Iron Sport Administrator , Mrs. Nwosu Theresa Nwakaego(nee IWUJI in Action.  

OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL : The Iron Sport Administrator , Mrs. Nwosu Theresa Nwakaego(nee IWUJI in Action.  

Leadership Earned by dent of hardworking  is different from hard work.
Hardworking is a compound word with an action of continuity, consistency, concentration , precision and accuracy that is outstanding.
Her talent discovery, good training and wisdom to impact lives is the outstanding results that her operation show me your score card (OSMYSCARD) is putting before the international communities today, a proud Nigeria from the Eastern State of Nigeria, who has become a daughter in a Sunshine State , and incidentally the State Assistant Director of humanitarian organization- SUNLIGHT City Foundation (NGO).
A passionate , enthusiastic , nationalistic and hardworking personality that we nickenamed Margret Thatcher- the iron Lady.
Her simplicity, patience, resilience, leadership by example, humility, punctuality, availability, commitment and practical action approach is undeniable.
Moreover, her ability to get to the top , and carrying others above board can be seen through her activities in the government of Ondo state since her youth service till date.
Destiny of course, but with innovative and positive mindset of an eagle: she toyed and delivered on her assignments and she is still hardworking, doing great things differently to get results.
With her OSMYSCARD display, she is an  inspiration to all youth both now and  future: a sound legacy  solidly being put together now for posterity .
However, the attitude of  " is it not government work, is it my father's property" has no place here.
Moreover, oga ta oga o ota, owo alaru a pe is the biggest epidemic destroying our economy, while we remain where we are on same spot, she stood out among others
The dignify of life is hinged on lifting others by inspiring them into greatness through the activation of their potentials.
The foregoing is simply the vision of SUNLIGHT City Foundation which is turning communities into mega citied by total human transformation through the activation of their true potential and utilizing same for uplifting of man kind.
We are equally surrounded   by continuous productive efforts of personalities such as the Iron Lady being celebrated till date.
We are indeed grateful that we have committed members and Directors of SCF.
You are equally welcome to contribute your effort for transforming our communities into mega cities and save our dear country for our children yet unborn.
Operation rescue your communities from eating from dustbin(ORYCFEFD) is further exemplified by her unique leadership qualities.

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