Majority of the members of SCF Nigeria are part of the focused rigorous inaugural training course usually handled by Comrade Andrew Alabi as well as many eminent personalities such as Sunday Ighetoghene, Elder Isaiah Aremu, etc.

As many others who equally received the training and got the certificate of training have gotten tired of the expected grant from SEM headed by Donald Olorunkeyede, yet many are still hopeful and moved on to obeying all the instructions of SCF CEO as well as the mitigated child of circumstance TELPECON Grant the great.

The subhead of Self-control cut across your ability to be patient, watchful, mastering yourself over money, mindset, materials, men as manpower , delays, time as being in charge of your day to day management of efforts geared towards humanity in view. Many of you have actually exhibited this self-control in real sense of it and still able to encourage others, which is golden

. In leadership, self control (sc) enables the leader to maintain focus like the eagles, the most brilliant bird on earth.

The eagle's concentration on it's prey target, the chicken, is with precision and accuracy to get at it's target powerfully.

Many of you have equally demonstrated so much faith and confidence on your CEO that you ignored all unbefitting comments made to stand by this man without wavering , which is still part of self control.

Your persistent standing on the vision and mission of SCF is also part of this sc we are discussing about.

Once again, the vision of turning communities into mega cities is highly impossible without sc: total human transformation is it's result. In other words , sc is the brain child behind human transformation. Those who lacked or ignored sc lost a lot of money to fictitious accounts purported to be of SEM.

One key factor is the obedience of many of you who registered your outlet cooperative as directed by CEO.

Moreover, some of you are so much outstanding that you single handedly registered your outlet cooperative, even though you were aware of some amount of money released by CEO for this purpose when it could not get round.

Another striking thing is that some of you are already working on your cooperatives and again joined the head office national Cooperative, ignoring the odds. Moreover, many of our people on their own have gone ahead to have outstanding breakthroughs even when SEM is yet to release the initial expected 5% family reliefs which should have been handy as covid-19 palliative.

Your doggedness of sc have again made some of you to participate in EDI training of NiRSAL/CBN through the Certified EDI training Center of SCF and are proud certified members of EDI - SCF certification.

In addition, many of you are not tired but moving ahead in collaboration with CEO to make the world a better place.

How then can you demonstrate sc and describe self control better than this.

Therefore, the voice of the common man will be heard and the initiative of cottage industrialization of Nigeria and a better economy is expected.

In stopping this discussion for next episode two release of more facts of self control, you will agree with me that the sun must shine for SUNLIGHT, which is a fact , and it is in SUNLIGHT that self control resides.

If you belong to this school of thought, let's go.


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