The United Nations (UN) International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which is usually observed 17th October every year is around the corner, A Day set aside to affect lives positively.
In line with SCF Vision & Mission to contribute our quarter to the downtrodden in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR).
We kindly urge all our Esteemed State Directors to liaise with their State Executives,PDs ,individuals and partners in preparation towards October 17th WORLD POVERTY ERADICATION DAY.
We understand,that what everyone is yarning for is yet to come, but let us all keep our hope alive, it will end in praises.
All State Directors should try and plan towards October 17th, to at least visit one Orphanage Home with what you can afford : a visitation to the orphans, widows and handicap is relatively often underestimated, but unique opportunities to always be remembered for what we have done.
Remember that as custodians of (OSMYSCRAD), we should live passionately for our mandate and message . As the SUN will produce LIGHT to be SUNLIGHT, so are we all called to lighten our little corner where we are, by showing a little bit of love and kindness, never to go along with hatred, but wear a happy face: tell someone you love him or her.
It is another opportunity to witness the end of 2019 and to be purged for fruitfulness in 2020 : for he who bear fruits will definitely be endowed for abundance in 2020.

Is a call into 2020 celebration, even in advance, and you will see and witness 2020 UN poverty eradication day; and if you do agree with me to join in this 2019 to qualify you for 2020!!
Me and you shall witness more years, beyond 2020, Amen.
Once again, we appreciate those that contributed their time and resources towards a successful 2018 UN World Poverty Eradication Day, as we all again get involve in this 17th UNPE day time table.
We shall always count on you always.
Note that it is on record.
God bless you.

Happy New Month

Best regards


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